Hi, I'm CatKetty and I'm an aspiring machinima maker and story teller. I specialize in Sims 3 machinima and this website is to share with you my passion, ideas and progress. KDK21 Productions is the brand name for my creations. For now, KDK21 Productions is only me but I'm lucky to have my friends help, support and contribution from time to time. Hopefully, one day there will be more than one person behind it. But hey, let's leave reality for now and dive into the incredible world of imagination and creativity! :D



In this site you will find a section for my videos which will include music videos, trailers, films, series, sneak peeks on some projects I'm working on, competitions I'm taking part in or just videos made for fun. Some of these projects might have been cancelled due to some technical issues or lost data.

There is also a section for my photos. These photos will be about the projects I'm working on, my characters and some photo shoots just for fun.  

There is the members section too which will enable you to share with me what you do, and also to discuss about whatever you want, share ideas or just get to know me. So, don't hesitate and sign up. ;)

The forum section will be where I'll post about updates about what I'm doing, about the projects and also about casting call for voice actors or collaborators. 

 The we have the guestbook. If you don't want to sign up for whatever reason, you can always leave a message in the guestbook. It can be about the site, about my work, it can be ideas and also advice. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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